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Master Channel, LLC (“Master Channel”) is a logistics company highly specialized in commodities finance and complex foreign trade, and specializes in the institutional import and export of precious metals.

Master Channel’s customer base is made up of precious minerals sources throughout the world seeking to enter the world market to maximize the return from their produced assets. Master Channel provides the knowledge and logistical resources to accomplish those goals by providing “supply side” contracts that aid their clients in achieving balanced cash flow with minimum client intervention and providing ease of operation by performing those upstream tasks that maximize the returns to downstream participants.

Master Channel, including its Board of Directors and entire staff, is highly committed as an institution to comply with all local and international guidelines that have been established to prevent and control money laundering, terrorism financing, and human abuse by conducting responsible supply chain management. To this end, it has established policies and procedures adjusted to the specific risk profile of its client’s products, services, and geographical locations and minimizes/eliminates upstream risk to its refiners and financial partners.

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Master Channel has spent the last three years developing the platform for a new approach to precious metals commodity trades, with emphasis on gold. The platform replaces the spot market with a defined term purchase contract where scheduled shipments are priced in accordance with current market prices to eliminate contractual risks for all parties. A proprietary approach to the contracted shipment’s financial settlement totally eliminates the need for letters of credit and minimizes the time required to complete a transaction. The unique process calls for long-term supply contracts that are advantageous to mine operators while justifying a discount that makes the platform attractive to Master Channel and its partners. Master Channel adds value to the sourced product at each stage by smelting and converting raw materials into standardized world market products that meet the criteria of the world’s leading refineries.

Master Channel has formed a company that serves as the consolidator for multiple supply contracts forming a designated supply channel for reputable refineries around the world. Master Channel uses both commercial and chartered transportation, which allows for a one-week cycle from pick up to payment by the refinery, and thereafter payment to the source supplier.

Master Channel provides the ability for refineries to have a single contract for delivery knowing that the supply channel has the backing of multiple mining sources in multiple countries, which ensures a consistent flow of deliveries with standardized quality.

Master Channel contracts with the refinery for the performance of a complete fire assay on each shipment and produces industry standard documentation and proof of chain of custody for all deliveries. The seller/supplier is paid based on our chosen refinery’s assay without product quality risk. Master Channel’s first channel implementation is within Africa.

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